A downloadable prototype for Windows

Ballad of the Gunmancer 0.5 is the prototype for the upcoming Ballad of the Gunmancer, successor to the acclaimed Dunge0nXY

The plot goes:

There once was a forgotten ballad, of a legendary tactician called THE GUNMANCER, who threatens to destroy the world with his crafty gun creations. YOU, must stop him at all costs. With that, you shall be rewarded upon the demise of the legendary tactician.

Features (subject to change)

Blast your way through a series of ridiculous enemies and guns, including the Coffer Shotgun and the Crosshair Rifle!


Ballad of the Gunmancer - Prototype 2 MB

Development log


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Reminds me a lot of enter the Gungeon, but I'm curious, beyond the gameplay, where do you plan on taking this game from here?

make this the full-fledged game complete with bosses and much more enemies and weapons!